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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Poem for the Day

The Scheme
Gone is the ear splitting quiet that did enthrall
And corrupted by
Angry voices on lifting breezes—
Deer in the woods loudly sneezes—
Jazz fusion from late sixties.

Country, exurbia, bows to suburban crawl
Offending my eye
With noises cities exude—
Electrical hum so rude—
Famished fauna search for food.

Embrace power outage; the forced silence it brings
Appreciate those
Whispers floating down the street—
Bird glides at a bite to eat—
Rocking chair with tea and treat.

Generator spits and interrupts everything
Salutes life we chose
Light pollution pours like rain—
Fidgety squirrel bolts insane—
Lost the life I sought to gain.

My future’s unwritten, and when I sleep, I dream
Of our conveniences bowing to nature’s scheme.

Rick Bylina

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