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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Poem for the Day

I’m writing. It’s all the rage—has been for ages.
I really am, jamming words onto blank pages.
Thesaurus engaged for character traits bold
Fluid scenes, conversation, and action foretold.
Stimulating narration has no room you me
In a story first person, past tense, tight P-O-V.
Make the place unique, like my quaint little street
Put a little girl in danger and make her sweet.
Keep the pace riveting and the twists unexpected
Girl is an alien and you’re unprotected.
I’m drowning in books, articles, and cute websites
Writing secrets achievable in edible bites.
Roll over Shakespeare; make a pun for us Mark Twain.
I’m going to get published someday or go quite insane.

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