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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Poetry Contest winner

 The winning entry in our 6th annual Poetry contest is Mary Barnard.


Morning sun still in the east,
her wings a dedicated orange
within black solder,
their hinges warming up
for the flight south.

This year every girl,
arms outstretched,
wears a Monarch costume.
City streets their flyway,
plastic pumpkins bulging.

The real Monarchs bulge
with eggs, future King Willies
named by homesick Dutch
colonists for their monarch,
Prince William of Orange.

Single females converge
in central Texas by magic,
nymphalidae magic,
cohorts cavorting map-less
toward oyamel trees.

A color:  best on redheads,
the dusk of a green leaf,
plump glow of some squash,
and as long as sanctuaries intact,
the velvet of a butterfly wing.