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Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Grandson Alex

My Grandson Alex
Jumping and leaping
Crawling and creeping
Bounding and wriggling
Bouncing and jiggling
Skipping and hopping
Jumping and bopping
Smiling and winking and dancing around
Grinning and twisting, both feet off the ground.

Laughing and giggling and yelling and more
Climbing and falling kerbang to the floor.

Rolling and turning and punching and kicking
Throwing and catching and dropping and picking.
Stepping and stomping and running and racing
All the neighborhood pets he is chasing.

Pushing, punching, bending, bucking, always on the go
Calling, singing, shouting, cheering, joy from head to toe.

My Grandson Alex is living proof for all the world to see
Perpetual motion does exist, especially when you are three.

Al Manning

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