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Sunday, April 5, 2015

National Poetry Month

Poem for the day.

A Self Sustaining Endothermic Reaction
Which Temporarily Suspends Molecular Motion

We took the long way ‘round to the river, we avoided the rapids
            Too late

The blue sparkling salvation had gone, the keel dragged muddy sand
            Too late

Brown mud, black mud, churning red clay, the keel dragged
            Too late

Slower now, dragging mud in the darkening night, dragging clay, not dragging at all now
            Stillness  Waiting

Hardening mud, turning to clay, cracks forming, turning to stone
            Waiting Waiting

Dark brown earth turns gray as the color recedes from the sky, night falling now, dark
            Waiting Waiting

Gray waves, once blue stand still, hard as diamonds, rigid and poised
            Waiting Waiting

Clouds stop dead in the sky, once a rainbow at dusk and dawn, now colorless
            Quiet now, too quiet The wind waits too

Stars shine somewhere beyond the sky of glass and ice, above the frozen sea
            Watching, looking down, Waiting

The keel is held fast, the clock turns no more, the very breath of life suspended
            Waiting, Waiting

The glass clouds wait for the stuff that moves them, the thirsty mud waits for the river
            Cold and patient

The blue river, lit from the sky above, can’t sparkle yet, can’t flow as it pleases
            Gray light, Waiting

The atoms have stopped their dance, they wait for the music, the stuff that moves them
            Too long, waiting

The night is gray, not black, but no eyes see.  The light waits.  The eyes wait
            Deep night, cold.  Waiting
                        Deep night, cold.  Waiting

Paul Joseph

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