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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

National Poetry Month

Poem for the day.

                                     BUG OFF!

There’s nothing more squiggly, more jiggly, more wiggly –
They make me quite chortley and, I fear, rather giggly.

When I’m first introduced to a beetle or bug,
I must be polite; I can’t simply say, “Uggh!”

“How nice to meet you.  How do you do?
Would you care for a munch on a crisp leaf or two?”

Each tiny bug foot and each leglet minute,
Each proboscis, each feeler – a sensation absolute!

A caterpillar taking a stroll on me
Tickles my fingers tremendously.

Does a caterpillar meandering on a twig or rose
Make it laugh or chuckle, do you suppose?

Carolyn York

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