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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Poem for April 7


If she could travel out to the moon
with an over-the-shoulder glimpse
of our watery pearl of a  planet,
then journey on past all lunar bodies
to the moon beyond all moons,
her gaze might behold miniscule galaxies
each held together by strings of light
in an infinite night.

She would see how currents flow into form
witness the animation of an unbounded  constellation
call It God and know  herself to be
She Who Floats in Blue-Green Mystery,

Then with google-earth vision,
she might zoom on down
through ethers and veils
to earth, a continent,  a state, a town, a store
and more
a precise place
where she rests in a case of jewels
near a Baldwin bluebird 
by a clucking Fowler chicken
both wearing Chandler gemstones
in a field of Ladd sunflowers
darting about making merry
in their little incarnation.

She sees the cord of Energy
stringing together all that is
has also sewn her into being,
like beads on a thread.

A flame- shaped crystal vibrates
where her inner eye might be.
An embedded quartz
rests in her heart center.
Ice-like pendants flare in all directions
from a core of radiance.
Spinning chakras bring her
from the Whole to the Particular.
reveal She Who Floats in Blue-Green Mystery
to be a planet
unto herself.        

Sharon Blessum
Inspired by Mariah Wheeler's Triple Goddess

1 comment:

  1. "...with up so floating many bells down..."

    "I'm being followed by a moon shadow,"

    and enjoying your poem song in space and time.