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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem for April 25

At first our lives were measured in hours and days,
Marked by sleeping, crying, nursing, diaper changes and first smiles.

Next it was measures in weeks and months,
Marked by first steps, teeth, first words, stuffed animals and birthday photos.

Then it was in years,
Marked by new siblings, best friends, puberty, summer jobs, drivers’ ed,
            graduations and beer parties.

At the peak it was in decades,
Marked by marriage, babies, new cars, family vacations, job changes and
            new houses in unfamiliar cities.

Then it became years and months again,
Marked by grandchildren, retirement parties, social security checks, class
            reunions and travels to exotic lands.

And now we live by days and hours again,
Marked by SMTWTFS pillboxes, doctors’ visits, dietetic meals and the
            obituaries of old friends.  

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