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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poem for the day

To celebrate National Poetry Month
Poems by athors from Chatham/Lee Counties

The Telling that Changes Everything IV.

Christmas Day, December 25, 2011

Humor is essential when you balance

on that edge between justice and mercy.

Nothing I hate more than to see people

mistreated, but I learn that the villains

have their moments of terror, too. Rage

can blindside any of us–no matter how

watchful we are, how self-aware and

enlightened. Yet we have no choice

but to re-find our equilibrium, consider

the culprit’s ancient dread, hold firm

to what is right, but smile and forgive.

A tough act to follow. Only those who

see clearly, who have taken the beam

out of their own eyes can do it. It’s

called healing, and it doesn’t make

you popular. Your stern side is

scarifying. They want absolution

before they confess their faults.

Not possible, and anyway, the first

essential, if you want to change,

is to forgive yourself. Learn how.

Unresolved guilt compounds itself

and leads to more and more cruelty.

There’s no substitute for honesty

at exactly the right time and place.

Not too soon, not too late. How do

we know the moment has arrived?

That’s when watchfulness pays off.

A space opens suddenly, and we see

the path straight into the rascal’s

soul. In the meantime, we always

have work in front of us. People

need our clarity, our joy, how we do

a stake-out to catch the errant heart

when it suddenly opens wide.

Judy Hogan, Moncure, N.C.

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