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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poem for the day

To celebrate National Poetry Month
Poems by writers in Chatham/Lee Counties.

Voyeurs and Voyagers of Spring

Peeping, poking,

punting green antennae up,

polyhedral periscopes.

They’d turn the world

to carrots’ frothing lace,

squashes’ crawling blossoms.

You hear their chirpy patter

rippling pods, bulbs, earth.

Their accompaniment?

Rejoicing frogs.

You feel them tripping you,

vines trapping in embrace.

The smell as fresh as soft new rain,

all lavender and clean

shot through with yellow-green

tart onions.

From vernal equinox to

summer solstice,

they have sway.

Who’s voyeuring whom?

I should not beg

quantum reciprocation

but do so quantum times.

Yet, after every failure,

I still have hope to hear

the goat-footed balloonMan whistle

Spring’s voyagers to the port of me.

Lynn Veach Sadler

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