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Friday, August 22, 2014

Literary Accomplishments

Our region (Chatham & Lee Counties) is blessed with many talented writers.  The following lists some of their accomplishments so for this year. These are the ones I am aware of; there are probably many more.

Congratulations and Hats Off To:

Marianna Crane: Short story "Hello Beautiful" published in Eno River Literary Journal.

Julie Davis: Novel "Down East Girl" by MuseItUpPublishing

Chuck Daukas: Novel "A Little Night Fishing" by Damnation Books.

Ralph Earle: Poem "The Mill Dam at Bynum" in Tar River Poetry.

Toni Goodyear: Short stories "Melting Pot" in Kings River Life; and "Heart Surgery" in Carolina Crimes.

Tara Lynne Groth: Short story "Tuna Heart"  in Mused Literary Review.

Linda Johnson: Short story  "Happy Pills" in Carolina Crimes.

Ruth Moose: Short story "Mama's Boy" in Carolina Crimes.

Karen Pullen: Short story "The Fourth Girl" in Carolina Crimes
Linda Hardister Rodriguez: Novel "Up From the River" by Lystra Books.

Judith Stanton: Short story "Big Girls Now" in Carolina Crimes.

Keep up the good writing!

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