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Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Signing at Paperbacks Plus

The last book signing for the year at Paperbacks Plus!! will be with local author H. V. Purvis and his new book "Extinction" on December 7th from 11 to 1.

Hoyle Purvis who writes under the name H. V. Purvis was born and reared in the country between High Falls and Bennett in central North Carolina.

Try to imagine a future where almost all your family and friends became infected with a virus This virus made them become much stronger and more agile, grow fur, develop claws, lose the ability to reason and speak, and become murderously violent toward anyone not infected. Now imagine this rage being so consuming that they continue to attack even if shot five times with a .38 at close range until either they or you are dead.

This is the world in which our heroes found themselves. What must they do to survive? Are there other survivors out there?

Come meet and talk to the author and find out.

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