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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Poem for the Day

                                                    MYSTERY OF THE MOUNTAINS
The majesty of the mountains mirrors the sanctity of the soul
Its hills and vales, peaks and ravines rolling randomly over time,
Arching here, sinking there, speaking their silent voice of stillness

Their universal and unmistakable mission of grandeur and gratitude.
To a Force, a Power, a Presence that powerfully touches every man

Speak O Mountain Man, and tell me the secrets of nature’s self that
Lie hidden in the caves and caverns of your quiet and ageless hills.

While the rivers run slowly and surely over the rocks and rills of valleys below.
While winds blow and snows slip slowly down the hill to heal our land,
Tell me what secrets lie hidden within your very soul.  And the Ancient Of  Days answered in fire and thunder.

Rod Randolph

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