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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Poem for the Day

Under heaven nothing is impossible.  All you need is a human being with a heart.
                                                            –Chinese proverb
What can one person do, I ask myself.
I see the dangers, the indifference
of those in power to how we will suffer
if those obsessed frack the ancient
rock under us to release the gas they
claim we need.  Scientists warn of air,
water, and earth pollution, of earthquakes
along our fault line.  What can I do?  I
planned to be a token activist, use my
books, my letters to the editor, my work
on Election Day as my part.  In two years
the drilling may begin.  I hear despair
in people’s voices.  They tell me the rich
and powerful have it all sewed up. 
Nothing can be done.  They speak of
leaving the state, of its being ten years
before we can shift these leaders
who have gerrymandered themselves
into office and now attack voting
rights.  It’s as if they aimed their
high-powered rifles at poor people:
 they cut unemployment benefits,
increase the sales tax, refuse to
extend health care.  One of them said,
“Let people get hungry; then they’ll
go back to work.”  How?  Where?
Good people, thoughtful people act
like terrified deer unable to move
out of the headlights of an oncoming
truck.  One human being with a heart
can change that, wake those who
despair, save us from this evil hurricane
set to blow us off course, away from
true democracy, away from civil and
human rights.  People say change
yourself first.  I will.  I’ll write more
letters, put up more signs, send more
emails, talk to more people.  People can
change things.  I have the heart, the will. 
I can’t do it alone, but I can start a
revolution, one person, one word at a time.

Judy Hogan

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