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Friday, March 22, 2013

Poem for the Day

Poem for the day

Poem for the day.
April is National Poetry Month. During April we want to display the talents of our authors in Chatham and Lee Counties. Writers’ Morning Out will publish, on our blog, a Poem for the Day to share with all the members.

If you have written a poem(s) you would like to share, please send it, as an attachment, in an email to Al Manning, at: ( I can handle attachments in .doc, .docx, .pdf or .txt formats.

Poems may be of any style, and on any subject. We do ask to please hold them to one page. They will be published in the order received. Should we get more poems than we have days in April, we will continue into the next month.

Note: If you submit a poem for the blog, you are granting WMO one time reprint rights only. You retain all other rights.

Also: A few publishers and literary journals consider anything posted to a blog to have been “published.” This could be important only if you later wanted to submit your work to them for a contest or anthology, and the requirements are for “unpublished” works only.

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