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Friday, February 18, 2011

Poem for February 19

Mast Year
Judith Stanton
From The Deer Diaries

After long drought,

the white oak

drops its acorns,

double, triple

a rainy year.

Under its broad limbs,

the three-legged doe

stumps along, her right

front leg sheared off

below her knee,

victim of a car,

stump hole,

black rocks in

the shallow creek

behind my house

she crosses to get here.

Who knows. I see her at

the crack of dawn

or pith of day, flanked

by last year’s twins

and this year’s singleton,

its spots faded by

November, its coat

like hers turned gray.

He butts her udder,

ramming hard. She

accepts that, eyes

trained on the woods.

A hunter in camouflage

sees a damaged doe.

Cull the herd, he thinks,

draws a bead, shoots.

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