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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Poem for 12/21


By: Mary L. Barnard

There is a tree somewhere

Hung with all the ornaments

That pre- or post- trimming

Were broken

Crushed underfoot.

Sprung loose from the wire

Batted around by the cat

Lying in pieces in the box.

We gave up on these ornaments

Scooped them up

Tossed them

Vacuumed well

Maybe shed a private tear

Fussed at a careless child

Shopped E-Bay for replacements.

I believe that someone

Call him Santa’s Super-Glue-Man

Busily repairs all the broken ornaments

With the brightest metallic glue

Silver, gold, copper

Just imagine this tree

Lights reflected in jagged glue lines

Some say the repairs

More beautiful than

The ornament all by itself.

I have for you the top entries

In a contest to name this tree;

Tree of Lost Causes

The Reunion Tree

Tree of Many Crackpots

The Tree that Zigged and Zagged.

You, my dearest friends

Get to choose a name

Or make one up

That might create

A private holiday space

Where all our repairs

Don’t seem quite so impossible.

Happy Holidays

Wherever you are

However you celebrate.

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