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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ultra Flash Fiction Contest

This is a fun contest!  ULTRA FLASH FICTION

Rules:  This contest is open to any NCWN member, or to any member of Pittsboro Writers’ Morning Out living in Chatham or Lee County.

Submission guidelines:
Any subject, any style not to exceed 300 words, including the title.
Only words of one syllable allowed.  (Contractions pronounced as one syllable are OK.  Exp:  I’m, I’d, I’ve, can’t, won’t, don’t.  Also, possessives pronounced as one syllable:  Joe’s, Ann’s, Kate’s etc)

Yes, it can be done.  You can write a story in 300 words, but you must make every word count. This will require some craftsmanship.  Give it a try!

If you wish to see an example:look at August 8, 2011 of this blog  to read the winner of last year’s contest.

This will be a blind judging.  Your name should not appear on the story page.  Include a cover page with name, title, word count and email address.  Send MS and cover page as attachments in .doc, .docx or .txt    Due date:  July 30, 2012.

The winning entry will be posted to this blog. By submitting an entry, you are assumed to be granting us one-time reprint rights.  This is necessary so we can legally post the winning story to the blog.
If you do not wish a winning entry to be so posted, just let us know.

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